Purpose To encourage good behaviour
Country Worldwide

The Whipfather is a worldwide, yet obscure Christmas boogeyman, who was once a psychotic innkeeper. He goes around with Santa Claus.

Not to be confused with Krampus.


According to the legend of the Whipfather, a desperate innkeeper fallen on hard times encountered three young boys who appeared to be from wealthy families. His immediate response to the situation was to gruesomely slaughter them by slitting their throats and cutting them into pieces with the help of his wife.

He was caught red-handed Santa Claus. After bringing the three children back to life, Santa decided to take the law into his own hands and condemn the psycho to an eternity of community service as his new helper, traditionally portrayed in chains at Santa's side. Bratty kids were (and in some cases, still are) warned that while Santa makes his rounds delivering presents, the Whipfather will stop by to deliver both coal and painful beatings to naughty children.

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