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Monster in the Closet
Monster in Closet
Purpose To prevent disobedience
Country Worldwide

The Monster in the Closet is a creature whose origin is unknown. There is no information about how it was born or reached our world. But we are very clear about what his intentions are once he has settled and accommodated to terrestrial life to kill. In addition to his enormous strength, his great power lies in the ability to teleport between closets, looking for defenseless and unsuspecting victims to kill.

Of course, to beat him it is clear what must be done. As soon as he comes out of hiding, you have to break the closet in which he has appeared. So it can be neutralized.


The first time he appears, he does so in a series of accounts of ancient myths of Greek culture. These served as inspiration for a movie from the eighties, with which he shared the name, which multiplied the popularity and fear of the closet monster creature.

Since then, thousands of children have begun to look inside their closets before going to sleep. They grew up, had children and passed on this myth to them as a way of learning. Since then, the chain has never ended.