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Monster Under the Bed
Monster under the Bed
Purpose To prevent disobedience
Country Worldwide

Monster Under the Bed is an amorphous imaginary being used by adults to terrorize children into submissive behaviour.


Since time immemorial we have felt that within our home we were safe from all danger. However, throughout the centuries mythological creatures and beings have been generated that have lived within the same walls as us. Beasts whose intentions have never been flattering. One of them is the monster under the bed. This is the story of its origin.


What is the monster under the bed

Like every creature that dresses in terror, it cannot have a purer origin than the innocent mind of a child. All the little ones in the world have thought of this creature at some point and their teeth have chattered simultaneously when they have heard similar noises.

The monster under the bed lives under our bed. No one knows what he looks like. Only those who have been fortunate enough to become his victims have had the opportunity to glimpse his face, even if they have not been able to live to tell about it afterwards.

As a beast that arises from the child's imagination, each one gives it a particular aspect. Therefore, each monster under the bed will be characterized by fears. The childhood traumas of each child will shape it. However, they all have one thing in common. It is a terrifying beast that is guarding the right moment to attack them.

Bearing in mind that everything is part of the child's imagination, experts in infant psychology point out two intermingled aspects that gave rise to it.

The first of them is the most obvious. In ancient times, when all beds were made of wood, each night it expanded and made a series of sounds that sounded too much like a beast scratching or an unknown being crawling on the ground. The children, who tend to fill with terror what they do not know and which is surrounded by darkness, began to imagine in their minds that it could not be a simple natural fact, but that a monster must be hiding under their feet, which, at some point, he would attack. That's how they got the name monster under the bed.

Halloween and the creatures of the home[]

There is not only the monster under the bed. The mythology of the home has always been very rich in creatures that can end our lives. That is why we ask you to tell us in the corresponding comments were the ones that scared you.