Boogeymen Wiki
Hairy Vampire
Purpose To convince against vampirism
Country Germany, Austria and Former Soviet Russia

The Blutsauger is an obscure but famous vampiric German, Austrian and Soviet Russian boogeyman.


Physical appearance[]

Blutsauger means "bloodsucker" in German. The Blutsauger had most of the typical traits people associate with vampires: It used to be human and sucks blood. However, unlike other vampires, Blutsaugers tolerate the sun, are vampiric gorillas in their transformed form and have a skeleton. They are also still vulnerable to religious objects, stakes and garlic, and Blutsaugers, while smart, are also stupid. Blutsaugers can fortunately be also killed by normal means as well. Blutsaugers are made famous thanks to the namesake movie, Blutsauger slash Bloodsuckers: A Marxist Vampire Comedy.


Blutsaugers are said to be rare, but not uncommon. While vampires create more of their kind with a simple bite, the Blutsauger could only convert new victims by convincing them to voluntarily eat dirt from its own grave, but in the modern era, Blutsaugers convert their victims to other Blutsaugers with their bite.

The Blutsaugers are not to be confused with the namesake, albeit avian humanoid, monsters of the Countryhumans fanfic, No More Feathers Left slash The Full Moon Hangs Above here.