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Black Volga
Black Volga
Purpose To not stay outside on streets.
Country Russia and Poland
Former Soviet Union

The Black Volga is a real cursed car and the titular Bogeyman of an urban legend in the former Soviet Union, mostly recorded around the 1960s to 1970s. Many variants of the legend exist, but fall roughly into two fields: that of criminal conspiracy, and that of occult conspiracy; both involve a mysterious black Volga that travels the streets at night and abducts people for sinister purposes.


Criminal Conspiracy[]

The most common belief involving the Black Volga is that it is driven by a gang of criminals who use it to kidnap victims for use in organ harvesting or child-slavery (since many targets were said to be children). There were also tales of it being used by a serial-killer who would pull up to ask people for the time. If a victim approached to do so, the killer would proceed to kidnap and murder them in a gruesome manner. In some variations, the person driving the car is just a deranged murderer.

Occult Conspiracy[]

Another common belief was that the Black Volga was a demonic entity used by Satan and/or other high-ranking spirits of evil i.e. vampires to capture souls, using a similar method to the serial-killer story. In these stories, the demonic car would ask for the time. Anyone who answered was cursed to die the same time in the next day, but they can save themselves by replying "It is God's time", causing the demon to vanish.

Other occult-based tales involving the Black Volga has it driven by cultists who would kidnap children for blood rituals or Satanic ritual abuse, or worse, child rape. These stories sometimes also include members of the clergy (such as nuns, monks and priests), making it further suggestive of theistic Satanism.

Real Truth[]

While it's largely just a series of urban legends, the nature of the Black Volga myths have been deliberately spread and intensified by Soviet secret police in order to make claims involving actual kidnappings by the government seem invalid and ridiculous. Of course, as with all conspiracy theories, this has been officially debunked, and as such, most agree that the Black Volga is just a normal prestigious car.