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Black-Eyed Children
Purpose To various purposes
Country Worldwide

The Black-Eyed Children are alleged paranormal entities who have been reported to visit the doorsteps of residential homes during night hours.


They are said to resemble human children whose age varies from six to sixteen years. Distinguishing physical features include pale skin, average clothing or nightgowns, and, as their name would imply, black eyes. Said eyes may resemble solid black orbs, or empty black spaces.


Black-eyed children are supposedly encountered exclusively at night, typically in isolated residential areas or roads. Witnesses claim that they knock on their doors or cars and, in a flat, monotone voice, ask for something. Requests may include those for a glass of water, the restroom, a phone call, food, a ride home, etc. As one might expect, most people refuse to allow them into their homes. They have also allegedly been seen hitchhiking or begging on roads. They attack anyone who refuses to do their requests, yet they vanish.