Boogeymen Wiki
True Babaroga
Purpose To discourage bad behaviour
Country Bosnia and Herzegovina

Babaroga (which roughly means "old lady with horns") is a Bosnian and Herzegovinian boogeyman that is said to be an ugly old woman, not unlike a hag, who stalks the night seeking ill-mannered children by which to spirit away in frightening ways.


Physical appearance[]

Babaroga is similar to Baba Yaga and Black Annis; haglike.


Babaroga may either snatch her victim and put them in a bag, dragging them to her cave to be devoured or she may reach out and snatch the child through cracks in the ceiling - regardless of how this terrible witch commits her deed the outcome is almost always seen as a grisly demise for her victim.

Like all bogeymen, Babaroga is mainly used as a tool to try and scare children into good behavior, such as ensuring they go to bed on time and respect their elders.